VSOJ Co-Founder Graduates

Jun 27, 2022

Victoria’s legacy family celebrates ✨️ Victoria’s sister Briana, the leading idea & Co-founder of VSOJ, for reaching her goal of completing her bachelor’s degree in Nursing Sciences.
Victoria began her fight against brain cancer in April 2012 at age 11. From the first day that Victoria began her journey with cancer, Briana was her inseparable companion!Together, they began a tireless fight against this monster.
There were exhausting days and nights inside and outside the hospital that Briana dedicated to caring for her beloved sister and was the faithful companion who, in a silent and unpublished way, gave everything to take care of her sister.
-During their HS years, Briana and Victoria spent many days and nights at the LA McDonald House, receiving much love, care, comfort, and support from what they called a second home. 💕
Witnessing the beauty of serving, Briana and Victoria kept that in their hearts to one day work to serve in this beautiful place.-
Also, Briana witnessed how the nurses cared for her and her sister in such a way through almost five years of Victoria fighting cancer. Briana started falling in love with this career and genuinely desired to study it to serve others.
After the death of her beloved sister, Briana had in her heart what Victoria expressed verbally “I want a legacy.”
Briana didn’t want to wait until later in the years to do what her sister asked for, and she began (early 2017) Victoria’s legacy of serving with joy and love others and carry-on Victoria’s wishes. VSOJ was born ✨️
A year after the death of her sister and right after she graduated from high school, Briana enrolled in college at Mount Saint Mary’s University to begin her education in nursing.
This past May 2022, Briana finished her degree, and she is preparing to take the NCLEX exam to obtain the Register Nurse license and start her path in life to care for others as once nurses took care of her and her beloved sister.
Her parents and family are very proud of Briana for reaching this paramount goal in her life and keeping faith and Victoria as a core system to stay strong!
Yes, Victoria! Your sis made it! In your honor and memory! 😌💙✨️ We love you!

“We do not have the cure for childhood cancer, but we’ll do all possible to spark a smile during the battle” – VSOJ